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Tord Sundén
Tord Sundén was a Swedish engineer and yacht designer. Sundén is particularly well known for the construction of the Folkboat, which he designed in 1941. The design was based on results from a competition for a Scandinavian-class-boat.

Tord Sundén worked as a design engineer at Eriksbergs Mekaniska Verkstads AB in Gothenburg. In his spare time, he designed sailboats - inter alia a R 6a for the shipowner Sven Salén.
The Nordic Folkboat was initially made in wooden clinker, later as a clinker-form in GRP.

In addition to the Nordic Folkboat he designed the international Folkboat in 1966 and further designs for other shipyards.

Sundén designed the Kingscruiser for Örnmaskiner.
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