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SRCC Logo since 2013 SRCC Logo until 2012
While the AB Storebro Royal Cruiser shipyard had to change its logo as early as 1994, the club changed its logo only in 2013. The reason for the change in the yard was that the shown crown in this form may only be used by the Swedish royal family.
The club
The Swedish Storebro Royal Cruiser Club (SRCC) was founded in May 1990 to represent the interests of its members and to ensure good seamanship and maritime security.
The first copy of the club newspaper from 1990 mentions, in addition to the official goals of the club, another "simply having fun together".

The first interim board consisted of chairman Håkan Spånberg, treasurer Gunnar Widén, secretary Berth Brodd, assessors Anders Bejting and Lennart Brunnberg. Deputy was Peter Gravell.
The annual general meeting of the Swedish SRCC takes place annually on the occasion of the boat fair "Allt for sjön" in Stockholm.
The current chairman is Veronika Eriksson.

The official print medium of the SRCC was the club newspaper "Klubbnytt", which appeared about three times a year until 2018. Since 2019 the club has been distributing annual chronicles to its members in bound form. The club also operates the website and a Facebook page.

Actions and events
One of the club's first goals was to get more favorable conditions for the members of the club with insurance and the purchase of diesel. Collaboration with certain insurance companies offering discounts exists until today.

A major event every year is the alignment of the squadron ride. After the shipyard itself had arranged the first two squadrons, it was decided that in future the club will host this event. Due to the distribution of members, the squadrons are mainly held in the Stockholm area or Gothenburg.

Club island Jolpen
Since 1997-05-30 the SRCC has its own island in the archipelago off Stockholm. With the help of the member and owner of Storebro Royal Cruiser Hasse Mellström, the island was acquired. Gradually, the quality of the island has improved with respect to the needs of its members. Today, the island is open to all Storebro owners as a dock. Various facilities support the quality of stay on site.

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