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I hereby confirm that I am or have been the owner of a Storebro boat and know its serial number. I confirm that I am using the documents and information provided by STOREBRO Passion for private use only and will not share or publish them.
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The registration process consists of two steps.
  • It starts with this registration. You can then log in for the first time. You must then enter your personal data and add at least one Storebro Royal Cruiser to the list of your ships. Additionally, you should add at least one picture of your ship.
  • After checking your data, your account will be unlocked manually.

You will get access to most documents concerning your ship. You will also receive, where available, access to the history of your ship and can maintain this.

For a successful registration, you must be or have been the owner of a Storebro-boat and you have to know the serial number of your ship!
If you don't know the number, the following link will show how to find it: Serial numbers
If you do not have the necessary data, please refrain from a registration attempt!