List of boats
Please note that the data in this table may contain errors. The data is based on old handwritten shipyard documents. Errors may have occurred both in the recording in these books as well as in the adoption in this database. Therefore, use this table as a guide only.
The boat data concerning the year correspond to the delivery date written in the books and may differ from the production data.

As an unregistered user you will only see rudimentary data. In particular, the engine may have changed since the delivery of the ship. If you own an Storebro/Örnmaskiner boat, you can register and access further data.
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S/N Year Type Variant Engine Type kW(HP) Info Pic.
941 1964 Storö II  Volvo Penta BB100 2 74(100)
943 1964 Storö II  Volvo Penta MB18F 2 41(56)
955 1964 Storö II  Volvo Penta BB100 2 74(100)
966 1964 Storö II HT  Volvo Penta MD19 2 50(68)
977 † 1964 Storö II  Volvo Penta AQ95/100 2 70(95) Only Royal Cruiser II with Aquamatic  
1002 1964 Storö II  Volvo Penta MD27 2 61(83)