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Passion - where does my passion come from?

In 1974, my parents suddenly and unexpectedly discovered their love for water sports. They started with a Norwegian family-boat of about 8m, which was provided with a sail for redundancy. The skills of the crew and the sailing characteristics of the boat ensured that further attempts at sailing were dropped and the view was focused on real motor boats.

Around I saw all yachts of the big shipyards. Ranging from Vertens, Condor-Yachts, Schwarz Imperator to the Fjord, Amerglass, Coronet and of course Storebro-Yachts, which were sold in Germany under the "Adler"-label.

The reputation of the Storebro-yachts made sure that it was absolutely worth it to call such a product ones own. Solely to secure the whereabouts of the family at water sports. Accordingly, in 1977 it was possible to acquire a well maintained Storö IV, built in 1972. This proved to be a smart move. The family and me in particular discovered our love for water sports again.

In the immediate vicinity there were several Storö IV e.g. 34, a Storö 43 and a Storö 38. The newly revised Storö 34 and in particular the Storö 38 fascinated me very much.

Since that time I concerned myself intensively with Storebro-yachts, the types, characteristics and their differences.

Many details of our boat I compared with those in neighbouring Storebro-Yachts and so I slowly worked out the history of the boats.

Ten years our family indulged in water sports, most recently in the possession of my dream boat: a Royal Cruiser/Storö 38. Unfortunately, parts of the youthful crew mutinied and so it was decided to sell this dream ship and abandon the water sports.

Furthermore I was crazy about the yachts from Storebro and Västervik. At that time, the Storös 36 and 40 were the actual products as well as the new SRC 340 a short time later, which should launch a new design era.

In 1993, our family was dedicated again to the water. To implement the new entry in a short term, a preowned SRC 380 Biscay was purchased. Because of the intensive use of the ship the next larger and just recently published sister model SRC 420 Biscay seemed desirable.

During the entire time that I have focused on these ships, they had lost nothing of its fascination, its finish and quality.

Due to the early death of the skipper the SRC was sold again in 1996.

With my passion for Storebro Royal Cruiser it was very clear that one day I wanted to own such a boat for myself.

In September 2011 it was time. I became the skipper of a Storebro 380 Biscay, built in 1996.

Already in the search for a new ship, I began to notice differences between the different years of construction of the ships. When looking at the advertisments, I noticed that sometimes was tricked with the year or other data. Many details of the ships, however, leave an accurate conclusion on the year of construction.

Originally only intended as a fan page, this site has now become a comprehensive encyclopedia about Storebro boats and the history of the shipyard through first-hand information. I hope that the information I provide will help to keep the memory of a fantastic Swedish yacht construction alive.

Have fun reading and browsing the pages

J. Oelerking