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Rowing boat

Technical Data

Production period1950-1954
L.o.a. [m]4.20
Beam [m]1.42
Number of boats> 60

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The rowing boat can be found in the delivery lists of the shipyard in 1953/1954. Based on the length and width specifications in the delivery lists of 4.20 m x 1.42 m, it can be assumed that the boat is the type shown. The picture is taken from an Archimedes brochure of that time.
Unlike the brochure, which distinguishes between the "RS" and "R" models (each with the addition of "M" for the mahogany version), the shipyard's delivery lists refer to "R.S" and "R.F".
The boats obviously received two serial numbers. The first was the production number of the Örnmaskiner company. This number started every year with 1 and was simply incremented. At the same time, some of the serial numbers of the customer Elektrolux were also noted. These numbers had five digits and were e.g. "54023", i.e. they started with the year of production and were then also incremented. However, the consecutive Örnmaskiner number and the Electrolux number did not necessarily match.



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