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Storebro Royal Cruiser 350 Biscay

Technical Data

Project launch2022
L.o.a. [m]11.69
Beam [m]3.47
Displacement [t]7.50 - 9.80
Fuel [l]750
Water [l]340
Holding tank [l]150

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After Storebro presented first concrete indications of a new ship in the range between 33 and 35 feet on 2020-06-27, the project was presented concretely on 2020-12-04. The style and layout of the ship is based on the original Storebro lines.
The use of Z-drives creates space for a large guest cabin amidships. The two berths are to be guided on rails and thus be used as single or double beds.
The shipyard is flexible when it comes to cockpit design. A version with a free cockpit as well as a version with a fixed bench for cosy rounds with friends is planned. In addition, a version will be available in which the sliding door swivels and allows the inner bench to be turned outwards. This creates space for many guests in the cockpit.

Storebro offered the ship for delivery in 2022 at a price of SEK 4,900,000 with double engines.

The Storebro SRC 350 Biscay will be offered either with Volvo Penta's twin engine with two D4 320s or as a single engine with a D6 440. Both engine versions will be supplied in combination with Z-drives. Of course, the Volvo Penta joystick control system will be offered.

In the course of planning, the length of the hull and the weight of the boat grew. It became apparent that a single engine was no longer sufficient for the desired cruising performance.
As far as I know, the boat is largely finished in design, but cannot be built at present due to the capacity bottlenecks at the shipyard and is therefore not being marketed.


Photos and images

SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb
SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb SRC 350: image 1 of 9 thumb
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EnginesVolvo Penta
D6 440A
Volvo Penta
D4 320A
No. of cylinders64
Compression ratio18.0:118.0:1
Engine output[kw/(HP)]311/(423)226/(307)
EnginesEngine output
Volvo Penta D6 440A311/(423)
Volvo Penta D4 320A226/(307)


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