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Storebro 31

Technical Data

Project launch2016
L.o.a. [m]9.1
Beam [m]3.10
Draft [m]0.80
Displacement [t]3.50

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The Storebro 31 is a project that was mentioned for the first time during the fall meeting 2016 in Storebro. In March 2017, this early draft was presented by Roger v. Haugwitz at the annual general meeting of the SRCC. During the autumn meeting 2017, a covered hull was shown, which had been extended by the oblique stern shape of the previous Storebro boats. According to insiders, it should be a bought on the market hull. The fact that production was not started in autumn 2017 was justified by the fact that Storebro will resume production of the Paragon yachts from autumn 2017 onwards.

The design is obviously a modification of the SRC 310, which was presented internally in 1996, but which was tragically not built at the time. References to a version with hardtop are not yet known.

According to statements from participants at the annual meeting, the ship is to be equipped with sterndrives. The choice is between a Volvo Penta D6-370 (AF) and the D6-435. This is obviously not yet fully defined, as the D6 is officially as a maximum only available as 400 version (D6-400A-F) for Aquamatic.

After the ship was presented in 2016, a finished hull with adapted stern was presented at the autumn meeting 2017. Since then, no further progress in the development is known and the project must be considered as finished.


Photos and images

Storebro 31: image 1 of 5 thumb Storebro 31: image 1 of 5 thumb
Images of the production in Storebro
Storebro 31: image 5 of 5 thumb
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