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Storebro Royal Cruiser Club (SRCC-N) - the Norwegian club

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SRCC Logo since 2022 SRCC Logo until 2021
While the AB Storebro Royal Cruiser shipyard had to change its logo as early as 1994, the Swedish club changed its logo only in 2013. The reason for the change in the yard was that the shown crown in this form may only be used by the Swedish royal family. The Norwegian club adapted its logo to the new style in 2022.
The club
The Norwegian Storebro Royal Cruiser Club (SRCC-N) was founded in 1992 by two Storebro enthusiasts and already counted 55 registrations in the same year. The club was then registered in the Norwegian Register of Associations the following year. At present the club consists of about 75 members.
The current chairman is Jan Karlsen, who succeeded Jostein Torp in June 2021. Jostein Torp had previously been active as chairman of SRCC-N for 25 years.

Somewhat confusing may occasionally appear the fact that the Swedish club lists a "Norway Section" on its website. In fact, both clubs are completely independent. Nevertheless, they cooperate in partnership when necessary.

The SRCC-N normally organizes two events per year, namely an early summer meeting in June and the late summer meeting in late August. Typically, between 18-25 boats participate in these events, which run from Friday to Sunday. They take place in the Oslofjord, where most of the members live.

On the weekend of 11-12 June 2022, the SRCC-N celebrated its 30th anniversary with a meeting in Åsgårdstrand.

Members of the SRCC-N are also administrators behind the Facebook group "Storebro-Storø Adler", which, with more than 1,400 members, is the central platform for the exchange of information and knowledge about Storebro boats.