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Technical Data
L.o.a. (m)16.00
Beam (m)4.95
Draft (m)1.50
Height above waterline (m)4.45
Freeboard front (m)1.82
Freeboard aft (m)1.67
Displacement (t)18.50
Fuel (l)3000
Water (l)1000
DesignerWinfried H. Wilke
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The Storebro Royal Cruiser 52 project was presented in 1985, but never came to fruition. The design of the SRC 52 broke radical with the previous design line. Nevertheless, some elements can be found in later ships such as the SRC 470 (layout and Flybridge) and SRC 730 (side windows).
Striking is the intended low power of the engines (350hp).

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