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Adler was the name under which Storebro boats were sold in Germany.

The first representive of Storebro boats in Germany Oskar Trost, Düsseldorf sold the boats as "Adler-Kreuzer/Boote type Storö or Solö". Later the boats were distributed as "Adler XX" by Harry A. Sührcke in Hamburg with his demonstration station in Lübeck-Travemünde. Also his successor Karl Hoffmeister sold the ships under the name "Adler".

While the ships were sold in Germany as "Adler", the ships in Sweden were sold as "Storö" and internationally as "(Storebro) Royal Cruiser".

<span style='background-color: yellow;'>Adler</span>: image 1 of 1 thumb
Adler-Storebro type label
With the Adler III and Adler IV the new typeplate with the capital-"A" was introduced. It was also used for the Adler 34, Adler 38 and Adler 43.
With the indroduction of the Adler 31 the lettering was integrated in the side-trims - orgininally first only as "Adler 31".

In the 90th the name was changed to "Adler - Storebro Royal Cruiser". With stopping the production of several ranges also the approximately 35-year-old marketing name "Adler" was discontinued. Since then in Germany the boats are sold as "Storebro Royal Cruiser" too.