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Storö was the name under which Storebro boats were sold in Skandinavia.

As the first Storö the Storö I, drawn by Otto Scheen (Furuholmen and Scheen), was introduced in 1959. It was the largest motorboat of the yard until then and the first of a range of Storö-boats. Other boats of the Storö-range were the Storö II, Storö III, Storö IV/34, Storö V/47, Storö 43, Storö 38, Storö 31 and Storö 40.

Although in many cases the ships were already labeled "Royal Cruiser" or "Storebro Royal Cruiser", the name "Storö" persisted in the shipyard's Swedish price lists, for example, until 1986. With the appearance of the SRC 340 and the new design line, the name "Storebro Royal Cruiser" was used uniformly.

In addition to the name "Storö" used for Scandinavia, there was the regional brand "Adler" for Germany. This was later renamed "Adler - Storebro Royal Cruiser" and, like "Storö", was finally completely abandoned in favour of the uniform "Storebro Royal Cruiser".