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Furuholmen & Scheen was a Norwegian yacht design office. The company was founded by Richard G. Furuholmen (1887 - 1963). Between 1906 and his death in 1963, he drew more than 2000 designs for a large number of crafts.
In 1954 Otto Scheen jun. (1926 - 2009) became a partner in Richard Furuholmens company, which changed its name from then on as Furuholmen & Scheen. Scheen worked for the company already since 1944 as an assistant.

After Richard G. Furuholmens death Otto Scheen ran the company in the sense of the founder.

In 1959 Otto Scheen designed the Royal Cruiser I (Storö I) for Örnmaskiner, which was a real success with about 170 boats produced. The enlarged successor, the Royal Cruiser II (Storö II), was designed by Otto Scheen in 1963, but unfortunately built only six times.
In 1963 he also created the design for the Golden Eagle (Kungsörnen), which was, however, built only three times.
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