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Furuholmen & Scheen

Furuholmen & Scheen was a Norwegian yacht design company. The company was founded by Richard G. Furuholmen (1887 - 1963). Between 1906 and his death in 1963, he drew over 2000 designs for a large number of boats.

In 1944 Otto Scheen Jr. (1926 - 12.06.2009) started working for Furuholmen. Otto Scheen senior, a school friend of Furuholmen, had arranged the job. Otto Scheen Jr. worked as an assistant for Furuholmen, then went to the USA for two years in 1953 to study and gain further skills in shipbuilding. He studied at Columbia University and worked in parallel at the famous design office Sparkman & Stephens in New York.
In 1954, after his return, Richard Furuholmen took Otto Scheen Jr. on as a partner in his company, which from then on traded as Furuholmen & Scheen.
After Richard G. Furuholmen's death, Otto Scheen Jr. continued the company in the founder's spirit.

In 1959 Otto Scheen Jr. drew the Royal Cruiser I (Storö I) for Örnmaskiner, which was a real success with about 170 units produced. The enlarged successor, the Royal Cruiser II (Storö II), was designed by Otto Scheen in 1963, but only six were built.
Also in 1963, the design for the Golden Eagle (Kungsörnen) was created, which was built three times.