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Roy Ebbe Jack Ivarsson

(* 1938-06-16 - † 2016-12-16)

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Roy Ivarsson
Roy Ebbe Jack Ivarsson was the elder of the two sons of Ivar Gustafsson and his wife Ebba Gustafsson (*06.03.1909 †09.11.2000).

After school Roy Ivarsson worked as part of his training at leading machine tools manufacturers in England for seven months, followed by a six-month stay at two plants in Germany . Abroad he won both knowledge of production as well as the languages. He then began to study Mechanical Engineering in Örebro.

After finishing his studies and the completion of military service he began his work for the family business 1962-06-16. Closed to his father he learned to lead a family business. He worked in all three divisions, tooling, boats and foundry. He worked for the sale and learned the basic business principles as well as dealing with banks.

In 1971 he took over the management of the Storebro Bruks AB from his father Ivar Gustafsson .

After the separation of the business units, his brother Lennart took over the boat division while Roy took care of engineering and foundry.

In 1996, Roy decided to resign as a director of the company, after the company had been sold to Hans Mellström. On September 20, 1997 he finally left the company.

After selling Storebro Bruks AB there were still three other companies. The first was "Verktygsmaskiner Stockholm AB" in Storebro, who owned larger building complexes that had to be rebuild for renting. The second company was "AB Storebro Maskinrenovering", which belonged the two brothers by 50% and was prepared to be sold. The third was the "Storebro Trading AB", which dealt with preowned boats and which his brother Lennart took after his retirement as a platform for trading preowned Storebro boats.

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