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Storebro Royal Cruiser 515 Baltic

Technical Data

Production period2001-2003
L.o.a. [m]15.76
Beam [m]4.55
Draft [m]1.25
Height above waterline [m]5.34
Displacement [t]18.50
Fuel [l]2 x 1390
Water [l]740
Holding tank [l]207
Voltage [V]24
Number of boats9
DesignerWinfried H. Wilke

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The Storebro Royal Cruiser 515 represented a new version of the SRC 500 which was built until 2000. From the start of production she got the same design features which were already known from other model series. This included smooth gelcoat, extended flybridge for better coverage of the aft deck, windows in the hull and a layout with guest cabin with two single beds instead of a double bunk bed.

The entire ship was more valuable equipped. This included stainless steel window frames in the superstructure, analogous to the sliding door aft. The ship was upholstered with Alcantara or leather. For the driver optional single Recaro seats were available.

The SRC 515 was one of the ships over 40 feet to be produced by Storebro after the cut in production in 2000. The first two ships of this series, the construction numbers 4001 and 4002, were based even more clearly on the shape of the SRC 500 and did not yet have the bowsprit integrated into the hull and still had the slight bend in the sloping stern. The stairs to the bathing platform were also missing. Instead there was the ladder in the middle. Ships built later (from S/N 4003) had a bowsprit integrated into the hull, which was also used in the deck shell. The slanted side wings of the stern were rounded more strongly.
The revised flybridge with better coverage of the deck was very popular, so many owners of older SRC 500 or SRC 470 upgraded their original flybridge with this extension.

As part of the transition to Scania and Yanmar engines, the first ship should be equipped with Scania DI12 engines (496 kW/675 HP). Due to the buyer's objection, the engines were exchanged and the ship was then equipped with Volvo Penta D12-700 (526 kw/715 hp). At last all ships apart from hull number 4007 were delivered with Volvo Penta engines. The ship with hull number 4007 was converted from Scania DI-12 to Volvo Penta D13-700 in 2011 after a major engine failure.

On one photo of a SRC 515, which was obviously taken shortly before delivery in Västervik, another SRC 515 and the 62 No. 1 with blue hull can be seen in the background.

According to previous research, the hull numbers 4001-4009 are assigned to the SRC 515. The last SRC 515 was delivered to Japan. Number 4010 exists as a hull and superstructure, but so far has not been completed. After the parts were offered for sale on the Norwegian platform in 2017, a Norwegian bought them in 2021.


Photos and images

SRC 515: image 1 of 8 thumb SRC 515: image 2 of 8 thumb SRC 515: image 3 of 8 thumb SRC 515: image 4 of 8 thumb SRC 515: image 5 of 8 thumb SRC 515: image 6 of 8 thumb SRC 515: image 7 of 8 thumb SRC 515: image 8 of 8 thumb
SRC 515: image 5 of 5 thumb SRC 515: image 5 of 5 thumb
Images of 10th SRC 515
SRC 515: image 5 of 5 thumb SRC 515: image 5 of 5 thumb SRC 515: image 5 of 5 thumb SRC 515: image 5 of 5 thumb
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DI12 44M
Volvo Penta
Production1999-20032002- *
No. of cylinders66
Compression ratio13.5:116.5:1
Engine output[kw/(HP)]373 - 496/
(507 - 675)
452 - 526/
(615 - 715)
Weight[kg]1150 ****1570
EnginesEngine output
Scania DI12 44M373 - 496/
(507 - 675)
Volvo Penta D12C-700452 - 526/
(615 - 715)
* All variants of this engine
**** Weight without gearbox
The values given in the motor diagrams below are measured values of individually equipped ships. The measured values can vary depending on the equipment as well as the wind and temperature conditions. These values do not indicate a binding property, but can only serve as indications.
src515: image 1 of 1 thumb
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src515: image 1 of 1 thumb
src515: image 1 of 1 thumb
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Storebro Royal Cruiser - Complete brochure 2002enPDF - Download only for registered users
SRC 515 Baltic (SN 4001) - Owner´s Manual1999sedDownload only for registered owners
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Scania DI12 44M - Operation ManualenDownload only for registered owners
Volvo Penta D12 700C - ManualseDownload only for registered owners
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Volvo Penta D12 700 - Productflyeren
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