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Technical Data
Year of production1964-1968
L.o.a. (m)8.75
Beam (m)2.38
Displacement (t)2.7
Number of boatsca. 25
The Eagle was built parallel to the bigger Sea Eagle II for Storebro could also offer a smaller model. It was also designed by Olle Enderlein with a typical layout and was known for its excellent sailing characteristics. Hull and superstructure were made entirely of mahogany.

The "Eagle" was also distributed by AB Telfa from Gothenburg, Sweden as well as the "Sea Eagle II". The naming of the ships reflected the problem of the shipyard with the names for the international distribution. The name for the Scandinavian area was "Írnen", for the English-speaking area "Eagle" and the German-speaking "Admiral".

The promotional photos taken inside the ship were taken at the production hall in Storebro. In order to optimally represent the interior, a slightly smaller woman was chosen, who could stand almost upright in the cabin.

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Additional Photos
EnginesVolvo Penta
No. of cylinders1
Bore (mm)79.37
Stroke (mm)90
Compression ratio18:1
Displacement (l)0.45
Engine output (kw/(HP))4 - 5/
(5 - 7)
Rotations (1/min)2000-2300

Volvo-data was taken from the Volvo Penta engine-database

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Storebro Bruks AB - No. 31 - Pricelist 1967se/enPDF - Download only for registered users
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Storebro Bruks AB - Complete brochure 1965se
Storebro Bruks AB - Complete brochure 1965en
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