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Technical Data
Year of production1947-1952
L.o.a. (m)5.25
Beam (m)1.70
Number of boatsca. 1.500
The camping boat S1M was a contract manufacturing for the company Archimedes, which in 1941 became part of the Elektrolux Group. The Electrolux group, which made the Archimedes outboards for the Swedish Navy during the war, was looking for a civilian market for these outboards. Since no suitable boats were available, they developed their own boat type.
The result was the "Skärgårdsbåt S 10 M", commonly known as the "Electrolux boat".

According to the delivery lists of the shipyard Örnmaskiner AB built three different models: P510 (5.1 m in length), S1M (5.25 m in length) and P540 (5.4 m in length). The ships were delivered mainly to Archimedes in Stockholm (in the lists "Stockholm Norra" or "Sundbyberg"). Several times the boats were previously provided to other companies as a demonstration boat and then came back to the shipyard.

The hulls of the boats were made in clinker construction of eleven mahogany planks on dampened frames made of oak.

With the Archimedes B-22 (10-12 hp) at the stern, the boat reached a speed of about 10 knots.

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