Close  Elektrolux boat P510

Technical Data
Year of production1947-1951
L.o.a. (m)5.10
Beam (m)1.70
The Electrolux Group, which created the Archimedes outboard for the Swedish navy during the war, was looking for a civilian market for these outboards. Since no suitable boats were available, they developed their own type of boat. The result was the "Skärgårdsbåt S 10 M" that was generally known under the name "Electrolux boat."

Örnmaskiner AB built three models of the Skärgårdsbåt: P510 (5.1 m length), S1M (P525) (5.25 m length) and P540 (5.4 m length).

The hulls of the boats were manufactured in clinker style from eleven mahogany planks on steamed oak frames.

With the Archimedes B-22 (10-12 HP) at the stern, the boat reached a speed of approximately 10 knots.


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