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Storebro Royal Cruiser 310

Storebro Royal Cruiser 310

Technical Data

Project launch1988
L.o.a. [m]9.45
Beam [m]3.45
Draft [m]0.98
Height above waterline [m]2.50
Freeboard front [m]1.32
Freeboard aft [m]1.15
Displacement [t]5.50
Fuel [l]800
Water [l]350

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The SRC 310 was planned as a successor to the successful SRC 31. It would have become the last renewed boat from the previous product lines. While the SRC 34 and the SRC 40 with the SRC 340 and the SRC 400 got successors, unfortunately the SRC 310 was never built. The project was discontinued in favor of the SRC 730 for capacity reasons.

Planning by designer Wilke had already progressed to the point where there was a drawing of the hull frames that was useful for investigating possible engine options. The biggest engine should be the Volvo Penta TAMD61A.
The SRC 310 was planned in different versions. Surely the versions "Biscay" and "Adriatic", but also a "Baltic"-variant had been possible.

In retrospect, this ship would have offered as a supplement to the existing product range and the setting of the project was one of the most tragic decisions that sealed the demise of the shipyard.