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Lars Erik Bjureus

(* 1946-01)

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Lars Bjureus (2010)
Lars Bjureus started his career at Storebro on May 20, 1970.

Actually Lars Bjureus just wanted to take a break in his studies in mathematics and work at Storebro.
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Advertisement with
job offer 1970

At that time Storebro sought a person which could assist Lennart Ivarsson in the presentation of the boats. Storebro had rented several moorings before the opening of the plant in Västervik for the presentation of the boats. It was found, that the time required for the trip from Storebro to Västervik as well as the presentation of the boats was quite high. This applied especially to the sailing boats. Roy and Dick therefore advised Lennart to hire an additional employee. The response to the ad was enormous. Roy, Dick and Lennart then agreed to Lars Bjureus, since he was the first available according to his own words.

In the time between the interview and Lars Bjureus start of work Dick Gustafsson died. Thus, the processes in the office had to be changed and the job description of Lars Bjureus was modified. Bjureus should present the boats and help with sales and was quite successful from the start. Nevertheless, Ivar Gustafsson advised him, looking back at his own education, to complete his studies to come back as an employee to Storebro then.

Ivar Gustafsson also encouraged him not to organize the distribution of boats from the office-desk but on the local markets. Thus his job led Lars Bjureus in many countries of the world. He finally left the company on June 30, 2012.
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