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Commander was the name for the version of a model with pilothouse. The term was introduced with release of the Storebro 475 Commander and should be considered as a common classification series of Storebro- and Nimbus-boats. It replaced the label "Trawler" previously used by Nimbus.

Although many people associate the term "Commander" with Nimbus, the Storebro Shipyard points to the fact that it was their own naming, which incorporated the modified Nimbus 380 and later Nimbus 340 and Storebro Commander 410. The last boat of the Commander-series is the Storebro 435 Commander.

Many previous customers did not like the hard design break with the previously Storebro lines drawn by Winfried H. Wilke. Nevertheless the layout convinced with offering 2-3 cabins and a large living area. Additional features such as the flybride accessable from inside supplemented the concept.