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Nova 43

Technical Data

Production period2008-2012
L.o.a. [m]13.10
Beam [m]3.90
Draft [m]0.90/1.05
Height above waterline [m]3.95 - incl. mast
Displacement [t]8.80
Fuel [l]2 x 470
Water [l]2 x 200
Number of boats23
DesignerPelle Petterson

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The Nova 43 was a further development of the successful Nova 42, featuring a large cockpit and protected gangways.

The Nova 43 was launched in 2008 and took over large parts of the design from the Nova 42. In order to eliminate some weak points of the concept, a completely new deck shape was built. This raised the foredeck slightly and created more headroom in the owner's cabin below. At the same time, more light was brought below deck with generous deck glazing. In addition, as with the Storebro Royal Cruiser 435 Commander, two port holes each were installed in the hull for the guest cabin.
Another highlight was the now optionally lowerable bathing platform, with which dinghies could be easily transported and launched.
As before, the ship had three cabins and two WC rooms.

The Nova was offered with two drive versions. Either with a stern drive or a classic shaft drive. Unlike the sister model, the Storebro Royal Cruiser 435 Commander, the engines were not connected to the shafts in a straight line, but via V-gears. From the start of production, D6 370I engines with 363 hp for shaft drive and D6 370A engines with 355 hp for stern drive were fitted.
When it came to the choice of engine, about half of the owners opted for the shaft drive, the other half for the stern drive.

Actually, Nimbus was supposed to build only boats up to 40 feet within the Viamare shipyard group. With the Nova 42/43 the old plans were cancelled. The Nova 43 was built in parallel with the SRC 435 Commanders in the shipyards at Storebro in Storebro. All wooden components for these ships were also built at Storebro. Apart from the nameplate and design, these are Storebro boats, which is why these ships are also listed on this page.

Originally, the Nova 43 was only a facelift variant of the Nova 42, which is why production still had the serial numbers 4277 and 4278 for the first two ships. For sales purposes, however, it was then decided that the updated ship should be named Nova 43 and so the first two ships were given the official serial numbers 4301 and 4302.


Photos and images

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Nova 43 interior
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EnginesVolvo Penta
D6 370I-D
Volvo Penta
D6 370A-D
Volvo Penta
D6 370I-E
Volvo Penta
D6 370A-E
No. of cylinders6666
Compression ratio17.5:117.5:117.5:117.5:1
Engine output[kw/(HP)]267/(363) ***261/(355)267/(363) ***261/(355)
EnginesEngine output
Volvo Penta D6 370I-D267/(363) ***
Volvo Penta D6 370A-D261/(355)
Volvo Penta D6 370I-E267/(363) ***
Volvo Penta D6 370A-E261/(355)
*** Power at the propeller shaft


nova43: image 1 of 1 thumb
nova43: image 1 of 1 thumb
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Complete brochuresLowHi
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Nova 43 - Owner´s Manual2009sedDownload only for registered owners
Technical brochuresLowHi
Volvo Penta D6 350A - Productflyerde
Volvo Penta D6 350A - Productflyeren
Volvo Penta D6 370A - Productflyeren
Volvo Penta D6 370I - Productflyerde
Volvo Penta D6 370I - Productflyeren
Bootshandel 11/2010 - Nova 42/43 - Review 2010PDF - Download only for registered users
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