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Solö Aqua Lyx

Technical Data

Production period1966-1967
L.o.a. [m]7.30
Beam [m]2.50
Draft [m]0.60
Height above waterline [m]2.27
Displacement [t]1.60
Fuel [l]130
Voltage [V]12
Number of boats44

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The Solö Aqua Lyx was a comfortable and beautiful sport boat with cabin. She presented an evolution of the popular Solö series. The boat had a spacious cabin and a separate toilet. Parts of the structure and the deck were made from Bangkok teak, which increased the value of the boat. All in all, a boat with soft and elegant lines yet strong and seaworthy.

From 1966 to 1967 the Solö Aqua Lyx was produced parallel to the Sölö Aqua Cabin, with which she shared the hull and the type of the drive. Like all previous Solös, the hull was completely made of wood. Compared to the Solö Aqua Cabin, the superstructure was a bit higher and offered a better headroom below deck.

In 1967 it was decided to create a successor for this model. After the design by Winfried H. Wilke, who first designed a ship for Storebro, a prototype was built. This did not convince however and so one decided, to revise the ship optically a little. However, the successor, the Solö Lyx II received a GRP hull.


Photos and images

Solö Aqua Lyx: image 2 of 3 thumb Solö Aqua Lyx: image 2 of 3 thumb Solö Lyx: image 2 of 3 thumb
Solö Aqua Lyx: image 2 of 3 thumb
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EnginesVolvo Penta
No. of cylinders4
Compression ratio10.0:1
Engine output[kw/(HP)]81/(110)
EnginesEngine output
Volvo Penta AQ110/10081/(110)


soloaqualyx: image 1 of 1 thumb
soloaqualyx: image 1 of 1 thumb
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