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King's Cruiser

Technical Data

Production period1957-1965
L.o.a. [m]8.54
Beam [m]2.22
Draft [m]1.20
Displacement [t]2.30
Ballast weight [t]0.98
Fuel [l]12
Water [l]50
Main sail [m2]19.60
Jib [m2]8.40
Genoa [m2]16.30
Spinnaker [m2]31.00
Number of boatsca. 200
DesignerTord Sundén

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The King's Cruiser is the first sailing boat built by Örnmaskiner. The model was built as a commission for G. Andersson or AB Telfa in Gothenburg, who also owned the name and plans. The ship was drawn by Tord Sundén.

Before the Örnmaskiner company started production of the King's Cruisers, they were also built by Harry Hallberg on Orust. Whether a ship was built by Hallberg or by Örnmaskiner can be identified by the direct production number (see "Miscellaneous").

AB Telfa sold the ships worldwide. Most of the ships were sold to the USA, but also to Italy.

Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb
Serial number badge
of a King´s Cruiser
(here number 240,
Örmaskiner No. 162)
As the partner companies were planning a change to GRP hulls, which Ivar Gustafsson rejected, the cooperation was discontinued. The shipyard developed the Örnen series instead.

The King´s Cruisers received their own serial numbers from AB Telfa, which did not correspond to the serial numbers assigned by Örnmaskiner. However, in some cases the numbers of the ships can still be determined, as at times both numbers were noted in the delivery lists. The numbers assigned by the shipyard range from 1 to a maximum of 271. The numbers assigned by AB Telfa range from a minimum of 14 (lower is not documented) to a maximum of 337 (higher is not documented).

Like the Svanö/Bergö, the King´s Cruiser was delivered in many bright hull colours. These included the shades of green, blue, turquoise, red and cream white.


Photos and images

Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb
Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb
Photos during production
Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 10 thumb Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 10 thumb Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 10 thumb Kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb
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EnginesVolvo Penta
Volvo Penta
No. of cylinders11
Compression ratio5.2:118.0:1
Engine output[kw/(HP)]4/(6)4 - 5/
(5 - 7)
EnginesEngine output
Volvo Penta F124/(6)
Volvo Penta MD14 - 5/
(5 - 7)


kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb
kungskryssaren: image 1 of 1 thumb
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Brochures, flyerLowHi
AB Telfa - Kingscruiser - Flyer 1957enAB Telfa - Kingscruiser
AB Telfa - Kingscruiser - Brochure 1962seAB Telfa - Kingscruiser
Technical brochuresLowHi
Volvo Penta - Program 1954en
Volvo Penta - Program 1959se
Volvo Penta - Program 1960se
Volvo Penta - Program 1970en
Volvo Penta MD1 - Productflyeren
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