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Serial numbers

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Serial number of a Solö Ruff (no. 17 from 1954) carved in wood Continuous serial number carved in wood
For the first boats from Storebro serial numbers were not intended, because an identification of individual boats was not necessary. Only with the more elaborately built boats did serial numbers become essential to the production process. The boats were originally completely assembled and then dismantled again in parts for painting. Due to the higher production tolerances, each part was marked with the boat's serial number so that all parts could be reassembled after painting. Therefore, on older boats, every relevant part is marked with a serial number.
On the Storebro Royal Cruiser IV/34, for example, the serial numbers can be found on the underside of the drawers in the galley. In total, over 30 different places with serial numbers are known for this type.

Early years
Up to and including 1956, the serial numbers were reassigned annually for each type of boat, starting with 1. The serial number consisted of the consecutive number and the two-digit year.

Serial numbers in order production
Some of the early Örnmaskiner/Storebro boats were made to order for other companies. Major customers were Electrolux in Stockholm and AB Telfa in Gothenburg. These sold the boats built under their own direction and with their own serial number plates. The serial numbers used did not correspond to the production numbers from Storebro. In part, the customer serial numbers were noted in the order books and can therefore be assigned today.
Boat type Known serial numbers Customer
Kungskryssaren 5-337 AB Telfa, Göteborg
Vindö 1958 501-524 AB Telfa, Göteborg
Svanö 1001-1052 AB Telfa, Göteborg
Solö Ruff 1501-1547 AB Telfa, Göteborg
Vindö 2016-2023 AB Telfa, Göteborg
Storö I 3006-3007 AB Telfa, Göteborg
Roddbåt/Roddbåt R.F. 54001-54089 Electrolux, Stockholm

Consecutive numbering from 1957
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Serial number plate - normally placed under the chart table
From 1957 until about 1997, consecutive serial numbers were used across all model series.
On wooden hulls, the number was stamped on the stern about 10 cm above the keel. On GRP hulls it was laminated directly into the hull at the same place (e.g. on the SRC 380 between the shaft tunnels at the stern in the keel area). From about 1974 onwards, the serial number and the propulsion data were indicated on the sticker in the control panel.

From about 1986 onwards, several numbers were always reserved in a block for a particular type and produced as required. For example, a block of serial numbers from 3500 to 3540 was reserved for the successful SRC 340. However, serial numbers 3530 to 3539 were then no longer allocated due to the change of model.

Number assignment as of 1997
From about 1997 onwards, number ranges were reserved for individual model series (e.g. 3900 ff. for J32/J34, 4001-4010 for SRC 515, 4051-4055 for GS 62, 4100 ff. SRC 475, 4500 ff. SRC 410 and 4600 ff. SRC 435).
The models Nova 42 and Nova 43 built at Storebro for Nimbus were given the serial numbers 4200 ff. and 4300 ff. respectively. The Nova 42 is a special case. While the serial number is used internally with 42xx, the digits 00xx were used externally.

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Serial number on a GRP hull
Serial number and HIN since 1998
Since 1998, boats must be marked with the so-called HIN (Hull Identification Number). This contains, among other things, the country of origin, serial number and year of construction. Details can be found in EN ISO 10087:2006.

Example of an SRC 410 with the HIN SE-SRCZ4537H607:
SE Country of origin
SRC Manufacturer code
Z4537 Serial number and type of boat
H Month of production (H=August)
6 Year of production (2006)
07 Model year (2007)

Type codes for various Storebro models or types built at Storebro:

Model designation HIN Information
Paragon 31 SE-SRCA...
J32/J34 SE-SRCH...
SRC 430 Biscay SE-SRCJ...
SRC 515 Baltic SE-SRCL...
SRC 430 Baltic SE-SRCM...
Paragon 25 SE-SRCN...
SRC 380 Biscay/SRC 395 Biscay SE-SRCP...
SRC 355 Baltic SE-SRCS...
SRC 465 Biscay SE-SRCX...
SRC 475 Commander SE-SRCY...
Nimbus 42 Nova SE-NIMZ00...
Hull numbers 1 - 12
Hull numbers 13 - 76
Nimbus 43 Nova SE-SRCZ43...
SRC 410 Commander SE-SRCZ45...
SRC 435 Commander SE-SRCZ46...
Hull numbers 4601 - 4626
Hull numbers 4627 -

  1. In the USA and Japan, a marking similar to the HIN has been mandantory for some time. For vessels sold there, the local authorities issued individual numbers.
  2. Some ships modified at Storebro were given an individual HIN. SRC 355, for example, was subsequently given the HIN SE-SRCE37xxyyzz. An SRC 420 was given the HIN SE-SRCNxxxxyyzz, although the N had actually been assigned to the Paragon 25.

There is often a mistake among boat owners that a higher serial number is equivalent to a later production date. This assumption is not generally correct.

  1. Especially in the 70s and 80s, a great many boats were produced in parallel. When a customer bought a ship, it was checked which ship under construction met the customer's wishes with the least effort. In the process, a boat with a higher serial number that was in an early stage of construction could possibly be preferred to boats with a lower serial number in production and delivered earlier.
  2. Due to the high time and cost involved, sometimes 10 to 20 hulls were later produced for a year in advance. According to the incoming orders, any existing hull was then taken over into production, regardless of the serial number.